Monday, June 25, 2012



Someone recently brought up flying cars to me. I was asked, β€œIt's 2012, where is the future?”

Where is the future...

Today, I was awakened by a nearly deafening sound, that came from a pair of speakers that are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Today, I used a device smaller than my hand to send a message to a woman who was over three miles away. I later used the same device to access a world-spanning computer network.

Today, I fed a series of explosions that pushed me down a highway made from a rock-hard substance that had been pored there. I was surrounded by vehicles that used computers to carefully measure and control thousands of explosions every second, vehicles where the loudest noise heard was the wheels against the pavement.

Today, I watched as three electron beams drew a new picture for me, one line at a time, sixty times a second, to show me a part that I was to make.

Today, I told a machine to cut hundreds of different parts out of stainless steel, and the parts were cut with a powerful beam of infrared light that was only .012” wide. The machine did all of the cutting automatically, and cut the parts out in an order that would reduce warping from heat. Each part came out exactly right, and minutes after being cut out were cool to the touch.

Today, I listened to a device smaller than the palm of a small child, that had stored on it several hours of music.

Today, I played a game with millions of people around the world.

When is the future? It was Today.


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