Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jack Bruton 12/18/1927 - 11/11/2010

My neighbor died in an auto accident last Thursday. My wife and I went to his service today. He would have been 83 in December, he had the same birthday as my son. He was a WWII veteran, he built and worked at the Potters Clay Mission in Tulsa for the last 12 years, he had no less than 17 great-grandchildren. He played football at Webster high school, and still holds some records for football and track.

But I'll remember him as the old guy who talked to my wife and I about working at the Sun refinery, about his son who repaired helicopters, the guy who sat and watched me fix one machine after another. Didn't matter if it was cold or hot, he would always take time to sit outside.


Anonymous UppityOkie said...

Sorry for the loss of your neighbor. Good ones are rare.

12:01 PM  

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