Friday, January 14, 2011

Been away from the computer recently...

So I'm going to try to be back more often.

So what's on my mind today? 

Well lets see, first of all... A friend of mine most likely lost his job yesterday. One of our best drivers, if not our best driver. (Driving modified forklifts in this case, with a clamp attachment instead of forks) Why? A collision. The crash wasn't the big deal, even though it damaged both clamp trucks. Crashes happen. The problem was, both parties were drug tested, and my buddy probably wasn't going to pass a drug test. Was he high at work? Never! Was he high before work? Never! He was a good worker and took his job seriously. (as serious as any of us do.) He might have been high last weekend, which is really his business isn't it? You might say, "Well it's against the law to smoke marijuana" So what? Is it the company's place to enforce the law? I drove my Trooper down the sidewalk a week or two ago to get around a stalled car. That's illegal. Gonna fire me now?

Hmm what else...

Ahh yes, for Christmas I got a few very cool things. I got a VERY nice flannel shirt, made by mom. I got a couple of books, "Kraken" by China Mieville, and "The World is Round" by Tony Rothman. "Kraken" was a strange book. All of Mr. Mieville's books are strange, but Kraken was a bit different from any of the others I've read. It started out normal. Then suddenly, without warning, the Weird comes along, and without remembering how or why, you're up to your ears in the Weird. I also got a nice Traditions 'Hawken" rifle. It uses percussion caps, not a flintlock. It's nice to shoot, and as accurate as you could ask for. I'm glad it isn't a "Centerfire" muzzleloader, I figure if you're going to use a black powder rifle, why bother with a modern one with a synthetic stock and a center fire mechanism?

That's all... for now.


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