Saturday, August 25, 2012

Death of a Hero

Neil Armstrong has died at age 82, due to complications with the cardiovascular surgery he had earlier this month. A brave man, and a humble man. He climbed aboard a spacecraft as big as a small closet with Buzz Aldrin, a spacecraft that they didn't even know was going to work, and landed on the moon for the first time, with only 17 seconds of propellant left. So it almost didn't work.

Neil and Edwin "Buzz" spent  21 hours on the surface of the moon, three of which were spent outside, then climbed back aboard the Eagle lander and shot back into lunar orbit, to join back up with Michael Collins to head back to Earth.

And then Neil said no more about it. He didn't seek fame, and turned fame away when it sought him. To have done such a thing, to have said the famously botched words, become such an important historical figure, and then to go back to your life... the very definition of humility. We need more like him. On this world, and on others.


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